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Liverpool – a visit

A few hours to visit galleries and attempt to take in as much as possible leaves me with too many impressions to take in at once!

The highlight of the day was the time spent at the Bluecoat Gallery, on School Lane in the city centre.

The gallery “uses its spaces to showcase talent across all creative disciplines including visual art, music, literature, dance and live art and is a hub for new talent, providing studio spaces for artists within a unique creative community”. That’s what they say on their web site anyway. http://www.thebluecoat.org.uk

There are resident artists here, as well as creative businesses and retailers – which makes it more than just a gallery.

It is housed in a historic building, which has been refurbished and re-opened in 2008, and Bluecoat celebrates it’s 300 year anniversary.

The exhibits are varied and interesting, so selecting only a few to mention isn’t easy.


The wall of poster art caught my eye, and since I like poster design I thought I’d mention it. Posters and other printed ephemera are plentiful and displayed in more places than on this wall.

Below is Adam Dant’s “The Dissolution of Call Centres”, from 2009. Ink and gold leaf on paper. Courtesy of the Artist and Hales London New York.

the-dissolution-of-callcentresAt first glance this is a quite traditional scene – until you start looking at the details, that is (see insert).

Mayhem is hidden beneath the rays of gold! Pretty much my preconceived idea of what call centres are in real life!

Marcassin 1, by John Monks (2009-2010), oil on canvas, is another work that I really liked.


Gritty and vivid – makes you wonder what had happened here.

As for the other galleries I visited, I must confess to remaining unimpressed.

Perhaps I’m just a difficult customer…


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