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Time management is hard. Not just for meeting deadlines, wasting time is just so easy when it comes to all parts of your life.

How can I separate work time from the rest of my life? Should I even try to do that?

Being an employee at a company, where you go to a workplace during the working week automatically separates work from all other types of time. Even when I worked as a service engineer and was based at home this separation was quite easy as when a job was assigned to me I had to get it done within a certain time.

Now as a student I have to produce work at specific dates and even if I can chose when to finalise things there is still the date looming at a horizon – admittedly one that is creeping closer and closer.

For a future as a graphic designer I need to be organised and efficient. Time management and business practices has got to work for me.

I realise the key here is planning ahead. But how can I do that? Are there any tools available to assist me in achieving time planning nirvana?

I’ve looked into using software to make my working life organised and come to realise that more than anything else I need to be reminded of when something has got to be done, so here are some of the options that seem useful to me:

Appgenix Business Calendar 2 is easy to set up and use, and has got reminders as well.

Trello helps me to organise projects in more detail and has To Do lists and reminders.

I already use Pinterest and Evernote to collate ideas, as well as Box to store and share files.

Wave looks promising for invoicing, as well as a range of other services that could come in handy later on.

I’ve used Getty’s free images for non-profit blogs for this post. They are free to embed, easy to use, but if an image used is withdrawn from this type of usage there could be problems (as in no image). Worth a try though.


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