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Self promotion

You can be the best there is, but if no-one knows about you, it won’t benefit you.

I have to be honest – I’m no good at selling. While there are people who thrive on selling and really enjoy it, I am just not that way inclined.

Now, I want to be a graphic designer – and one who works for himself at that, so I’ll have to learn how to promote myself and sell my services. I know clients don’t buy features or services, they buy solutions, so I have to sell solutions to their design problems!

There are a few option when it comes to promoting myself, and I am planning to use the ones that will help me to get the jobs I want.

A CV is useful if you want to get employed, so here’s my attempt at writing one suitable for the creative sector:


Curriculum Vitae PDF

Business cards are still used when meeting people face to face and a necessity for freelancers and businesses alike:

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Post card sized marketing material is something I personally like – useful for advertising a particular service or problem solving skill:

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A web site is a must for a web designer, and mostly for graphic designers, animators, and illustrators in general as well. Although mine is overdue for an update:


Here’s a link to my website!

An online portfolio is a way to be found by potential clients and other designers that are looking for a collaboration partner. I have one on Behance, a portfolio site that is frequented by industry professionals. Just like my web site this is in need of an overhaul:


Here’s a link to my Behance portfolio!


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