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By Dimitri Popov, on Unsplash

Finding your niche

What if I could work with something I actually like doing?

“When you love something, it doesn’t feel like work.”

Natalie Massenet

I don’t mind working as in doing something in return for payment – unless we are born to very rich parents (ones that doesn’t cut you off just because they can…) we all have to make money somehow.

And it isn’t a matter of being sensible either – I’ve seen eyelashes for cars, so I know it is possible to sell anything. And if you don’t believe me: follow this link!

So, with that out of the way, it’s time to delve into what I love doing!

If I didn’t enjoy creating visual design in one form or the other I would not be studying graphic design, so this would have to go on my list of possibilities. Music is another aspect of the same creative mind, and this right up there with design.

Specialist or generalist, that is the question

My personal view is that it is important to have a broad understanding of whatever area you intend to work in as it helps you making sound choices.

At this point in time I’m not entirely sure of where my strengths lie – studying is a sort of a fact finding mission in as much as there will be opportunities to try out things you never thought of before.

Photography and repeating patterns are two things I have had a fascination with for a long time, but one new thing I have tried and liked is animated GIFs, which I find almost addictive! There is also a commercial outlet for these as Flash animations are becoming unpopular due to the lack of support on mobile devices. A lot of advertising requires short and to the point animations.

In particular I want to look into animating SVG graphics. It is a complex area and I currently don’t know enough about this to even do anything useful, beyond experimenting. Perhaps something to consider for my final year.



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