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Thoughts about web design

This is an area where progress is happening continually, and sometimes it seems like people do stuff for no other reason than that it is hard to do.

Hardly a thought is spared for the fact that most of what we expect from the experience of visiting a website was not even on the agenda when the World Wide Web was first thought of.

Adding mobile devices to the mix and the technical aspect of designing an online user experience becomes doubly hard.

In the struggle to keep up with technology designing for people is often forgotten.

As I mentioned music in my previous post an analogy from a guitarist’s point of view is fitting: There are countless young players out there (mostly male, which might have some bearing on the current state of affairs…), almost all of them are doing the same thing.

Learning to play scales as fast as humanly possible. And that’s quite fast – see for yourself on Youtube! Sadly, they forget to use their skills to make music.

Something akin to this happens with web design as well. Work with the wow factor is focused on, but the human visitor to the website ends up with something less than optimal when it comes to being able to do what they came there to do. Granted, it might look impressive and the site might actually work on any hand held device you could think of. But…

No, I don’t want websites to look like they were designed in the 1980’s, and I do want them to work on the devices people will actually use to visit them.

So, where do I fit in here?

I do enjoy the more technical aspect of web design, as well as the aesthetic side and the usability. And I like learning, which is a must for a web designer.

Perhaps this has to do with being a more mature person, having gained an understanding of people during my journey.

In my world, most things are about finding a balance. Somewhere between practicality and wow is where I am aiming.



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